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The Broken Seal: Arena

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"The Broken Seal: Arena" is a VR competitive game.


◆Voice control. You can use your own voice to cast spells in the virtual world, enjoying the charm of magic through compelling experience.

◆There are 2 modes of fighting in the game: "Free for all" and."Team fighting"

◆Dozens of various spells. Each spell with unique function.

◆There are a variety of weapons to choose from:
-Sword and shield: you can use shield to resist most of the attacks
-Double Swords: give up defense for the ultimate attack completely
-Bow: the typical remote attack
-Staff: the staff of different attributes can release energy balls of different abilities.

All of this has been achieved in the game

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The Broken Seal: Arena

This is the battle between the sword and the magic. You can waving the weapon to kill the enemy, or you may read the spell to release the magic to burn the enemy to ashes. Kill them all!

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