The Cave is a VR only experience designed to make you feel sensations nearly impossible in real life without physical danger.

It’s not about puzzle or quiz games to achieve goals, it’s about feeling. Feel, watch, hear and enjoy almost real sensations.

We believe VR is a new language and as such we designed a realistic cave environment with a deep pit that you can try to cross on a narrow inestable wood plank. A great experience for you and your friends. Live it alone or watch your friends in a dangerous situation. How will they react? Horror? Laugh? Fun? You will also have in your hands a valuable spotlight to help you in the darkness of the deep pit.

Come on! Do you dare?

Specially designed also for arcade saloons, a limited time and space experience that gives great sensations, people will talk about it!

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The Cave VR

A VR experience that will put yourself in a situation you wouldn't want to be in real life. Feel yourself inside a dangerous cave and try to walk through the only possible exit.
A short and really thrilling experience that will test your vertigo and claustrophobia. Enjoy the views while you can with the only tool you have: a spotlight.
Be brave and get into The Cave!
Specially designed also for arcade saloons, this experience will make the difference.

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