In this story-driven platformer game for Windows, Mac, and Linux, your mission is simple. You, as a member of the postal service, must embark on a quest to deliver a single letter and complete your route. The destination? A tower. A cursed tower, to be exact. In fact, your destination is the top of the cursed tower. Armed with nothing but a letter opener and a spring in your step, you must brave towering heights, the hungry dead, lakes of poison, and much more. As your quest continues and you bravely climb skyward, you will find notes left over from those who previously climbed the heights. Soon, it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary cursed tower, and it hides a dark secret…

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The Cursed Tower

"The Cursed Tower" is a story-driven platformer game where you are a dutiful postal worker. Armed with only a letter opener and graceful jumping skills, you must embark on a quest and fulfill your duty. Along the way, you will encounter many dangers and uncover a dark secret. Do you have what it takes?

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