The Deepest House is a sleek ‘n’ squishy, mostly minimal, top-down 3D roguelike action game. Use your blade, bullets, and whatever you can dig up in the dungeon to reach the end of it. But don’t let the squishy silhouettes of your foes fool you. Cocky house-divers can easily be overwhelmed if they charge-in headfirst into a room.

Combat 101

  • 2 weapons to carry: one melee, one ranged. 5 inventories slots for various tools and consumables such as potions and bombs.
  • No dodge rolls. No invincibility frames. Not even between taking hits. If you get surrounded, you’ll probably get roll’d by a bunch of pitchforks that out-ranged you. Plan your approaches appropriately.
  • A well-timed melee strike can reflect projectiles back whence they came (holding shift while doing this can redirect projectiles where the player’s aiming). Some enemy projectiles can be stronger than your current arsenal, so try using their firepower against them.
  • If your weapons are doing 0 damage to an enemy, don’t give up! There’s still a small chance you can do some chip damage based how much their defense out-numbers your weapon’s power.

(More info to come. Writing is hard sometimes and I need to sleep rn. – Mr. Thee)

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The Deepest House

A sleek 'n' squishy, mostly minimal, top-down 3-D roguelike action game.

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