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The Dungeon of Destiny

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The universe The Dungeon of Destinny [/ b] is a gloomy magical fantasy world, where for the right of existence people struggle with evil spirits not of human or animal origin. Here there is chaos and disorder. Bloody wars for territories between clans and orders, deadly diseases and famine.
     You are kidnapped by a dark Order and thrown into an unknown maze for an unknown purpose. In it you, as it turns out not alone, will soon get to know the same victims who were stolen for no apparent reason. Being in the labyrinth is very dangerous, as it is constantly generated new and it is something that gives energy to it.
     The labyrinth is very dangerous, as its creatures inhabit, which are clearly not friendly towards you, they are ready to chase you throughout your adventure in the hope of satisfying your hunger for hunger with your flesh. Everyone who ever got into this labyrinth before did not appear in the world we used to be.

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The Dungeon of Destiny

The Dungeon of Destiny is a roguelike game with dark atmosphere telling us a story about the man who gets into the mysterious Maze despite of his own will. He is the prisoner and should serve the ancient Order same as the other prisoners of the Maze. During the exploration of the Maze the player could understand its real purpose and learn about the other prisoners' destiny.

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