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The Eerie Adventures Of Kally

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Kally was once known as a lonely girl, without family and friends. Maybe that was the reason… she died.

Now Kally has found out she is in hell, where darkness is everywhere and horrendous creatures want to devour her.

She meets a new companion: Eerik, who died in strange circumstances and was apparently locked in jail.

The Grim Reaper appeared, and Kally and Eerik thought it was over and that Death-himself was taking their souls with him.
But Eerik caught Grim Reaper off-guard, stole his scythe, and gave it to Kally.

After an intense fight, Eerik cut off the head of Grim Reaper and decided to bring it with them as proof of their strength.

Death’s head tells them that in order to escape and go back on earth among the living, they must take down the supreme king…
And he is on top of the hills…
Inside a huge castle guarded by demonic creatures!

There awaits the darkest adventure of our lives!

With an infinite level generator.. At a giant spooky castle!

¿ How long can you survive ?

TEAK it’s a 3D/2D beat’em up inspired on "Grabbed By The Ghoulies" and "The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy" that bring us tons of combat moments with brutal kills and adrenaline at a giant spooky castle.

Get ready! You are trapped and the only way to make the doors open, it’s by killing the monsters with your weapons and let the room clear!

Aesthetic cartoony music by Gaiaman77 and spooky sound effects of Trevor Winchenbaugh !

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The Eerie Adventures Of Kally

The rogue-like survival horror beat'em up where you fight spooky creatures and explore a haunted castle. Bring a friend or go it alone... if you dare.

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