Release Date Change

Last week we had a meeting, went over our development timeline and faced with the choice of cutting out content we really love and postponing release, chose the latter.

Therefore our new release estimate is Summer 2018. That’s the bad news. The good is that we intend to keep you in the loop about our progress and new, coolest features — mechanics, art, voiceovers, characters — on social media, with newsletters and through Steam updates. No boring stuff, promise!

Thank you for you patience and great feedback! You keep us inspired.

About the Game

The Executioner puts you in the shoes of a man who tortures people for a living while trying to retain his own sanity.

Fusing elements of a traditional RPG with investigation, exploration and moral decision-making, it invites players take on the role of a man who must seek a signed confession from those he is about to put to death.

With a predominantly text-based interface unfolding 20 hours of engaging story, The Executioner promises a dark and unsettling atmosphere, and a world filled with moral ambiguity.

With the threat of revolution on the cards will you fight for monarchy and tradition or revolt in the name of progress? Do you support emerging science or follow the mystical path? Will you desensitize yourself to the violence you have to inflict or try to preserve your humanity?

The decision is yours. So are the consequences.

Note: The game will be released episodically, with a new episode coming out every 2 months.

  • The torture chamber: study your victims, find their weak spot, and use your extensive arsenal (or their loved ones) to break them
  • An occult underground: a town filled with mysticism built around Medieval artefacts, such as the Hand of Glory and Mandrake Root
  • A dark economy: a market in dead flesh with you as its main supplier
  • Synesthesia: your character’s unique perceptive abilities make him a walking lie detector
  • Staying sane: as a professional torturer you’ll need to constantly manage your sanity to survive

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The Executioner

The Executioner puts you in the shoes of a man who tortures people for a living while trying to retain his own sanity. In this game the monster isn’t lurking behind you. You are the monster, if you choose to become one.

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