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The Existence Abstract

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It is no coincidence you are here, you were meant to be here.

The Existence Abstract is a VR shooter with rogue-like elements built from the ground up for the HTC VIVE. Jump straight into the Abstract and begin your journey, but be wary as permadeath is ever present in each playthrough. Playthroughs are short, but different every run giving a new experience each time. Follow your intuition to navigate through a grid-like maze. Use your skill to dodge traps and enemies. Let luck guide you through the items you find. Show fierce determination in the face of the bosses you will face. Do what you can to get through the labyrinth that is the abstract.

Key Features:

  • Procedurally Generated Levels
  • Over 70 Unique Items
  • Unlockable Classes and Items
  • Original Soundtrack by artist Object
  • A Secret
  • Slow Motion
  • Grid Based Locomotion
  • Another Secret

We will meet again.

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The Existence Abstract

The Existence Abstract is a procedurally generated VR shooter with many rogue-like elements. You must dodge lasers, get powerful items and shoot your way through enemies. Enter and explore the Abstract.

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