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The Falling Nights ®

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During a normal day at the city Ys, Jake get’s ready with his daughter Rachel to go out and take her dance classes. When they go up to the subway, Jake and his daughter arrived at the worst timing. Something weird took them back to a limbo between 1974 and the present, where something terrible happened in the subway at the City Ys. Jake is trapped looking for his daughter who was kidnapped by a misterious shadow.

  • Explore a mysterious world populated with intrigues, challenges, and an epic story.
  • We decide to join the two parts in which you divide the game into one for a greater gaming experience.
  • Travel through an exciting story of terror and suspense.
  • After three years of development, get ready for a unique experience this 2017.
  • Travel through an exciting story of terror and suspense written by Rodrigo Romero and Allan Arroyo.

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The Falling Nights ®

The player takes the role of Jake Lawrence, a father who will do anything to protect his daughter Rachel. Both are involved in an accident in which Rachel disappears mysteriously. Jake has to look for his daughter while strange events happen around him.

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