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The Final Days: Eternal Night

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The Eternal Night has arrived. No one knows why or what caused it. But something is for sure, surviving is the only thing that matters now.

Welcome to The Final Days: The Eternal Night. This game is not about becoming everyone’s hero. Is about your own survival. Is about the choices you make. Is about how you live!

There are no random encounters or mind breaking puzzles. Having good reflexes and playing it smart(along with a bit of luck) is your only way of surviving.

Game has 5 different endings.

GAME PLAY: You have to travel from place to place avoiding different kind of creatures. You are a normal human, not suited to fight against the hordes of evil roaming everywhere. Your only chance is to avoid them. Run fast and outsmart them. Who knows, maybe you can even save some lives in the process. If you care about it of course. The choice is yours.

Remember: It just takes a mistake and a second to die…

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The Final Days: Eternal Night

The Eternal Night is upon us. Surviving is the only thing that matters now. How long will you last? How far will you get?

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