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The First Class VR

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The First Class VR is an interactive experience that recreates historical moments of innovation throughout mankind’s journey of air and space exploration. Utilizing state of the art VR interactive gameplay, you will experience humanity’s journey to the stars – from the Wright brother’s legendary first flight to the development of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, and beyond to a technologically advanced distant future.

Our original design intention was to create the most immersive and lifelike environment possible by pushing the limits of virtual reality. We want to put players into those great moments that define human aviation history.

The First Class pushes modern VR technologies to pay tribute to human innovation and historic scientific advancements. Our story was inspired by the Hugo Awards Best Novel Winner "The Three-Body Problem", and we are very privileged to have had the author, Cixin Liu, both play and praise the finished game.

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The First Class VR

The First Class VR allows you to experience first hand humanity's epic journey to the stars. Witness the successes of human aviation, from the Wright brother's legendary first flight to the recovery of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, and so much more!

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