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The Frosty Leaves 寒叶下的薄冰

Steam Video Games Windows

About this Game:

The main story line is about a girl who is in her coma. The first part of the game is focusing on how they meet each other and what happened afterwards. However, from time to time the player will discover the darker side of the story. Will the girl finally awaken or … be dead? Lets see.

How to play:

This is a mystery horror adventure game with seven chapters. In every chapter, the first part will be solving mysteries and the second part will be like a vision novel. Depend on the choices and the items you collected through out the game, there are going to be two different endings waiting for you to discover.


This game contains Lesbian scene.

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The Frosty Leaves 寒叶下的薄冰

This is a tragedy cause by illegal plant collecting. The main character, Leng Xiaobing, was a normal shop keeper form a grocery store, but ever things changed after she met a strange man…

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