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The Fruitless Flower 雾雨中的徒花

Steam Video Games Windows

About this Game:

This game placed in a fantasy world, the two protagonists needed to escape form a Fascist country.
From a small political party become the only party in the country, this Extremism party totally change the country inside out.
The player will experience these kind of changes from a point of view of a normal little girl.

How to Play:

This game is a visual novel and some parts are RPG which require the player to collect collectable and finished sub-story line by finishing different requests. By looking in to the achievements and collectable item player achieved in the game, there will be 4 endings to let the played to discover.


This story is containing Yuri-love.

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The Fruitless Flower 雾雨中的徒花

When I was young, I got a unusual gift accidentally, it was a seed. I planted it in soil, but I don’t know that it will have so big impact to my life.

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