This is a minigame based rage game.
Actually there are 10 different minigames with 3 difficulty levels each:
– Space shooter: You control a space ship and need to survive and destroy the enemies by shooting them. Difficulty increases exponencially due to friendly collision avoidance and prediction of the player’s movement.
– Lander: Just land on the green platform avoiding hard impacts. Each propulsor is activated with one key (hard to control).
– Canon: Shoot to all the objects within the given time.
– Helicopter: Reach the end of the tube avoiding sensible hits.
– Prevent the red button from going down: And don’t get destroyed and destroy the enemy balls.
– Memory: Memorize the path and repeat it.
– Coloured balls: Match the other ball’s color upon collision.
– Jump through the hole: That’s it.
– Jump up: From one orb to another without touching the biohazard yellow material and reach de ceilling.
– Shooter: Destroy all the moving objects but don’t get too close.
You can watch the trailer and see some of them. In the future, I may include some more minigames if the community supports me.

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The Gamer Challenge

This is a minigame based rage game.

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