Discover over 600 geological finds across 70 worldwide landscapes in this turn based, single player rock identification game for Windows and Linux/Steam OS on the PC.

Your museum is empty and needs exhibits! Send your team of geologists to sites across the world to find fossils, bedrocks and minerals to fill your museum.

Crack open rocks with your geological hammer to reveal what is hidden inside.

Find fossils of creatures from the beginning of early life in the Paleozoic period, to dinosaurs of the Mesozoic and the birds and mammals of the Cenozoic.

Identify the many different types of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic bedrocks that make up the Earth.

Discover a wide variety of minerals including silicates, ores, gems, precious metals, oxides, sulfates, sulfides, oxides, carbonates and phosphates.

Exhibit and research each discovery in detail.

But you are in a race against competing museums to win the game.

The Geology Game is a game about rocks suitable for adults, students, middle school and hobbyist rock collectors.

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The Geology Game

This is an educational game revealing the science of GEOLOGY as you play.

Single player, turn based for Windows and Linux/SteamOS on the PC.

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