Did you love puzzles? Did you love puzzles with physics? All of us love this stuff. But when you last time play a good puzzle game from first-person view, which has a lot of physical objects, you can interact with? I can’t remember such a game.

But guess what, now you have a chance to try something like this. Something with many different levels from very easy to way more complicated ones, which take some time to figure them out.

You will go through a lot of different locations, levels and various game elements, but the main goal of all of them is to shoot down all the marked cubes with the help of the ball. How will you do this? It’s just a matter of your imagination.

The more puzzles you can solve, the more things will be available in the coming levels, every next task will become more and more difficult, and more rooms will be opened for you and your adventures.

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The Hardest Thing

The Hardest Thing is a first-person game where you will solve puzzles with physics

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