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The Haunting of Billy

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Play as Billy, fighting through the haunted halls of an old, abandoned mansion. Battle zombies, skeletons, undead Vikings, mobster rats, and more on your way to defeating Death and saving your girlfriend. But that’s not all, along your way pick up weapons and costume pieces from your fallen enemies to wear and acquire unique upgrades and abilities to aid you in your adventure.


  • Over 1 million costume combinations to discover and wear to give Billy special abilities and upgrades
  • More than 60 unique weapons, spanning over several classes including swords, guns, magical staffs, and more
  • Procedurally generated levels, enemies, bosses, and loot to ensure that every playthrough is a unique experience
  • Earn points by beating bosses and progressing through the story to unlock new hallways, weapons, costumes, enemies, and more
  • Make friends with just about any enemy along the way to help you fight through the haunted halls
  • Original art, audio, and music

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The Haunting of Billy

It’s Halloween night and your girlfriend is missing! Play as Billy, fighting through the procedurally generated halls of an old, haunted mansion. Fight zombies, ghosts, goblins, and more with over 1 million costume combinations and more than 60 unique weapons to use!

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