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Taro Heibon will attempt to approach while the girls are looking away!
He is a weak middle-aged man, but sometimes borrows the power of sake and boldly and quickly approaches!
Let’s hit the LR trigger repeatedly and approach the girl as soon as possible without being noticed!

The rules of the game are simple, Daruma-san ga koronda.
Do not move when the girl is looking at Taro Heibon!
When you are looking at the direction opposite Taro Heibon you have the chance to move!
Look closely at the actions of girls and let’s not miss chance to approach.

First of all, let’s choose the shop you’d like to challenge from 5 shops in Moe city map!
Girls called cast are waiting at the shop.
Choose the girl you want to play, you win at all!
Successfully approaching stage level 5 will result in Taro Heibon’s victory.

The operation of the game is easy, but in fact it is hard hit!
When L trigger and R trigger are alternately and repeatedly timed, Taro Heibon moves!
The better the timing, the faster the acceleration!

In order to cope with the special ability of the girl, Taro Heibon will also grow.
Experience value increases as you clear the stage, and it will level up.
Since you can freely adjust the ability value by pressing the X button on the map screen,Let’s adjust as necessary!
Let’s check each ability value in the game manual.

The CHUG-A-LUG event begins when you touch alcohol placed on the table.
This event only pushes the button specified within the time limit!
Taro Heibon’s tension MAX if everything in 10 success!
It is possible to approach at a phenomenal speed and the likability of girls also rises.
However, please be careful not to be found by girls.

If you can not start the game because a display like "Can not start program because there is no d3dx9_39.dll"
Please install "DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)".
For details, please readme.txt in the installation folder.
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The aim of this game is to maneuver Taro Heibon and get close to the cos-play girls without being noticed. It's the right time to get close to them when they are facing away, so try to move closer before they face round. After passing all the stages, you can register the girls in your Gallery. Find the girls you like and make a move.

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