Build and race the IL tempo car . Use a truck to pick up parts on a time limit. Drive on narrow and demanding mountain roads .
Use a forklift to load parts from Train to the truck
Build the IL tempo car inside a garasje using a crain .Pick up parts on the floor with the crain and place them in the correct position on the chassie
After mounting all the parts you can drive the IL Tempo car down the mountain to a waiting Train but the drive is on a time limit
be aware of falling rocks, trees, and different unexpected things. Race against othet cars in a very demanding 5 lap race

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The IL Tempo Game

Build and race the IL Tempo car .Pick up parts with a truck driving on montain roads with time limit Build the car using a crain in a garasje
Drive the IL Tempo car to a wating Train on a time limit. Race against other cars in a very demanding 5 lap race All kind of hazards is to be expected

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