The Labyrinth is a text-based dungeon crawler with a heavy emphasis on combat and looting. You take control of a party of 4 adventurers as they attempt to purge the evil of a cursed dungeon that’s been spewing out hoards of monsters to the surface.

The entrance to the dungeon looms over your team. The slight hesitation before committing stems from the fact that so far, nobody who’s ventured into the dungeon hasn’t returned. You hear stories of people peering in and feeling a heavy evil pulling them to come closer. Conversly you also hear stories of others feeling a warmth, as if a spirit is telling them everything will be okay. Armed with the basic items the local village could spare, you take one last moment to prepare.


  • 16 playable classes, each with their own assortment of 9 unique abilities
  • 30+ enemy classes, each also with their own 9 abilities
  • Countless combinations of enemies, bosses, and items gives each playthrough its own feel
  • Run length settings let you play and beat the game as fast or slow as you want
  • Seeded randomness allows you and a friend to play the same runs, or for you to replay the same run

The mouse can control every aspect of the game.

When in combat the keyboard can be used to issue commands:

  • When an action is not prepared, numbers 1-8 select the corresponding entity (up-down, left-right in that order), "A" prepares an attack, "Q,W,E,R" prepares the corresponding spell (left-right, up-down in that order), and "S" skips the turn.
  • When preparing an attack/spell, numbers 1-8 selects the corresponding target (up-down, left-right in that order) and "C" cancels.
  • At any time left+right can be used to flip through the combat log, and up-down can be used to flip through the statistics/buffs/debuffs screens.

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The Labyrinth

A text-based dungeon crawler with a heavy emphasis on combat and looting. Features 16 playable classes each with 9 abilities and 30+ enemy classes with their own 9 unique abilities. Countless combinations of item generation possibilities.

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