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The Land of Dasthir

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The Land of Dasthir – A classic mini-JRPG, created using RPG Maker. This game is an example of what can be achieved using RPG Maker, while working with the basic engine features with a few minor additions.

Step into the mysterious world of Dasthir and discover the ancient secrets buried within.

One day while staying at the distant city Gailville, Terret receives a letter asking for help in his native Ganzer Village. The village is situated in a small country Dasthir – a country full of legends and mysteries. Urgently come to the village headman, Terret learns from him that his uncle a few days ago was gone. The headman suggested that this has something to do with the legend of the "Red Dragoons" and recently appeared from somewhere monsters. Terret will find around Dasthir his uncle, and to understand why the monsters have appeared in these places.


• Classic jRPG, inspired by games such as Final Fantasy I and Dragon Quest I

• Fight with your opponents in the "1 vs. 1" mode

• A compact, but interesting game world

• The game contains a lot of secrets

• At one moment, your actions can change the outcome of the events of the game

• The game supports Steam achievements and trading cards

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The Land of Dasthir

Join Terret on a dangerous adventure through the mysterious and forgotten land of Dasthir

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