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The Legendary Player – Make Your Reputation

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*****BETA version with new face, but it’s the same concept*****

Consumer Rewards Beta:
1) BETA buyer insignia
2) Game
3) Participation of Developing Forum

Rewards of Participation of the Developing Community:
1) BETA-Tester Insignia (for players who play in one more BETA version)
2) Bug Reporter Insignia (for players who reported bugs, errors and problems in the game)
3) QA Insignia (for players who help in the Quality Control)
4) Content Creator Insignia (for players who give ideas that are approved and implemented in the game)

***BETA version News***
——————– Beta 1.00.00 ——————–
1) New character creater system
2) New starting Menu
3) New Credits screen
4) New introduction
5) New tutorial
6) New maps
7) New mecanics
8) New class selector system
9) New progression system
10) New Artificial Intelligence (AI)
11) Update player’s level experience analisys system

About the Game

Can you imagine a different word where you can build your own history? I can imagine it too, but I go a little more, I am developing this world. A game where you can really build your own history inside that narrative universe game through of your choices and actions that what will influence in your reputation and popularity.
In this world you are free to make your history. Did it looks like the other games you had ever seen? Just looks like, because I guarantee to you this universe go much over of his BETA first version.

The Legendary Player – Make Your Reputation is a game in his Alpha stage, it was a Graduation Work project of Kauã Rajah Rocha Krobel (Founder of Ninetales Studios) for his Digital Games and Entertainment Design course offered by Vale do Itajai University – Campus Balneario Camboriu.

This game is about giving to the player a freedom of himself to create your history and it’s for this reason what it was available in BETA through Early Access, so buy it, download it and…
Make your legend, do your own history and LIVE YOUR ADVENTURE!

With your experience in this narrative universe, join the developing community to build a biggest universe to this game!

The current features of the game are:

Character Genders:

Visual resources:
Particles and Effects

Sound Resources:
Sound effects

Programming Resources and Artificial Intelligence:
System Reputation and Popularity
Damage Logic
Player Level Experience Analysis System
Month, Day and Year Cycle

Other features:
Save / Load

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The Legendary Player – Make Your Reputation

Imagine a world where you can create your own legend.

The Legendary Player – Make Your Reputation it’s a 2D RPG Top-Side Down with reputation building system who allows the player build his own history.

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