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The Maid_san’s Caving Adventure – メイドさん洞窟探検 –

Steam Video Games Windows

If you can not start the game because a display like "Can not start program because there is no d3dx9_39.dll"
Please install "DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)".
For details, please readme.txt in the installation folder.
SteamsteamappscommonThe Maid_san’s Caving Adventure – メイドさん洞窟探検 –

Demons and traps that prevent AI ‘s going into a cave.
Can you avoid reaching many obstacles and reach the goal?

Let’s overcome the monsters who wander inside the cave with the good technique of maid ‘s eye "trembling"!
Besides not noticing Benar, it also helps avoid Mandrake’s bizarre sound waves.
However, while "trembling", the field of vision becomes narrow, and you can not check the surrounding situation.
In circumstances where you can not see around you, you will not know the behavior of demons, so be careful!

It is dangerous to find out in Benar who wanders around a cave!
They are attacking with a stick!
If you get damaged you will consume your strength.
A green gauge is a physical strength gauge.
Let’s always be conscious of the remaining amount of this gauge!
Even if you are soaked in a puddle or you get trapped, your physical strength will be reduced.
Your physical strength recovers little by little, and if you further take "heart" you will recover a lot.

There are large, medium and small stars in the cave, and you can reduce elapsed time by obtaining!
Each stage has a fixed number of stars, the number of acquisitions affects the rank.
Of course, the elapsed time also affects the rank!
Obtaining stars is a prerequisite to aim for a high rank!

When you are exploring the cave you may find a puddle.
The water is cold and sneezing comes out when it is in a long time.
Benar is sensitive to sounds, and sneezing comes to those who make sound.
Let’s watch the surroundings when entering the puddle!
A light blue gauge in the upper right is a sneeze gauge.
AI sneezes as the gauge accumulates.
Let’s be careful as physical strength will also be exhausted if you are immersed in a puddle to the head!

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The Maid_san’s Caving Adventure – メイドさん洞窟探検 –

A maid wandered into a cave where the Benars live. Can she escape the cave safely by using her specialty trembling to get away from them?

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