The Mercury Man is a sci-fi game in the TRPG genre with adventure elements.
In this game you will be in the mercury hunter’s shoes. "Mercuries" are people who have subjected themselves to an illegal medical procedure for the sake of curing all diseases.
The Mercury Man organically combines a staid point-and-click adventure and tactical fights, a thoughtful gameplay and a fascinating atmospheric plot.
As the events unfold, you will be able to gather a complete picture of gloomy world of the future.

– A unique world from the Mehsoft team
– Classic turn-based combat system
– Stylish hand-drawn graphics
– Original music
– Breathtaking plot
– Black humor, which skillfully fits into the dark and depressive mood of the game

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The Mercury Man

Depressive and noir story about the "mercury" hunter which is set in the near future. Mix of point-and-click adventure and tactical turn-based combat system.

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