A private investigator works his way through a world of lurking beasts, powerful magic, and a string of unusual crime scenes while trying to keep a handle on his strange illness. Uncover the truth in this short but biting tale of lust, instinct, and deception. A haunting film noir soundtrack accompanies four unique diorama-like environments in this simple text adventure.


  • Seven story chapters with achievements
  • Six permit violation notices
  • Five treatment pills every morning
  • Four immersive noir music tracks
  • Three mysterious deaths
  • Two-packs-a-day smoking habit
  • One high-functioning alcoholic

Click your way through this audio-visual novella and let your mind wander through dangerous streets.

Also available to play directly in your browser.

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The Monster Inside

A film noir style audio-visual novella. A mysterious woman... a string of murders... and a man with a hidden past.

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