The Power Factory is a real time strategy game where you are set to work in building a power company. You will start with nothing but a bit of funding. Your goal is to build up and become a huge multi-million company providing power for all your citizens. As your technology improves you will find new ways to create better and more efficient factories.

You create a power factory from scratch with barely enough money. As you progresses in the game you will unlock new and better technologies for creating a better factory. Eventually you will gain enough money to create multiple factories to supply your ever growing city’s needs.

Key features
* Manage multiple factories
* Upgrade system that allows you to upgrade each of your buildings separately
* Easy to use controls
* Basic Mod support

Upcoming features
* A tutorial to get your started
* An adaptive AI that controls the world
* A punishing disaster system
* More polished mod support
* Unlocking better technologies

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The Power Factory

The Power Factory is a game where you build a power factory and later in the game multiple power factories. Be smart when designing you map or things will go wrong rather quickly, so think before acting!

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