The Time to Enlist Is Now!

In The Red Stare, you act as a special agent in 1950s New York City on a stake out. The Reds have infiltrated the city, and we need to stop them before it’s too late.
You will have to spy on your neighbours to find out who of them is the communist spy.

From your apartment stake out, you’ll be receiving information from your phone and fax machine, using information from case files and dossiers on your desk, and taking pictures that you can fax to your handler to prove suspicions.

Observing is knowing. You’ll have to use a number of different ways to identify people ranging from their appearances, items that can be found in their rooms, and behaviour traits only specific members of the communists’ ranks follow.

Good luck, agent! The nation depends on you.

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The Red Stare

Become a secret agent in the 1950s and observe your neighbours to find the communist spy!

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