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The Rising of the Rose Ocelot

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Meet the prince of our world, Prince Ocelot. This Prince is the lost child of a great civilization. It seems aliens are attacking the planet! So you must do whatever you can to protect the world from absolute devastation by taking part in the fight! Find out more about the lost prince, and learn more about what is happening to the world as you continue through the game!

It’s a 16-bit title that tests your ability as a player throughout the game. Never give up, and always keep going! Stay determined when you get stuck, because there’s always a way out! Move the character around with the arrow keys or WASD and place bombs with the Enter or Space keys. Don’t stand in the radius of your bomb or else you will be likely to take a hit! Enemies won’t walk towards you unless you are close enough for them to notice.


  • 5 Unique Bosses.
  • An original soundtrack.
  • A unique storyline.
  • Timing is key when using your bombs!
  • Created mostly by one person.
  • A Gameplay Driven Focus.
  • Portals that look cool!
  • Block pushing.
  • A world to save!

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The Rising of the Rose Ocelot

THE RISING OF THE ROSE OCELOT! The BOMBASTIC Adventure story of a hero who is tasked with saving the world!

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