The Seasons–Journey of Lives

This is a story about lives and fate.
Four characters, each named after a different season, are confronted with decisions regarding their lives and their fate. How will they deal with their choices?
Everyone wants to change their fate.
The throbbing of spring, the reunion of summer, the oblivion of autumn, and the harshness of winter are not what they want.
Do they face their choices head on or retreat?
The journey, which is touching and inspirational, will start here.
On their journey, they hear a faint voice whisper,
“Come on, be one of us.”


A slightly fantastical story about the interweaving of lives and fate, it concentrates on touching and inspiring players.
Players can experience the different lives of characters in different stories.

The choices you make will never change your understanding of the whole story line, but they will impact the individual stories of each character.

This is one of the special factors in this game.
Special stories and wonderful melodies will bring you new experiences throughout the game.

This game is my dream child and was primarily developed by me alone. I hope I can share joy and inspiration with you.

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The Seasons

So......What choice will you make?

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