You are trapped in a procedurally generated maze. Use your sword to spill blood and navigate the confusing hallways and corners of The Succubi Trap all the while being chased by a dual blade-wielding demon. Survive and locate the end of the maze, a chamber that is identical to the one you start in, to complete the game. The echoes you hear throughout, should you stay long enough, shall linger on and alter your perception of arousal and seduction for days. What if a maze game could r*pe your brain only so you can feel brave enough to face the sensory buffet of xxx?

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cerebraloverload is the nickname, 22 years of age. I am interested in unraveling the human psyche so I spend a small portion of my free time carrying out bizarre experiments on the human brain. I am a student of psycho-physics (not what I major in but is a small part of what I am learning in my tertiary studies) and have taken up the hobby of learning to use the Unreal Engine to make a video game. Lo and behold, my first game. I am curious and looking forward to find out whether the curse, a result of a creative process that was dark and interesting, of The Succubi Trap is real. I may have taken things a tad too far.


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The Succubi Trap

Can you face the curse of the succubus? A psychological hack-n-slash drain-to-trail maze game, The Succubi Trap is a mind numbing unraveling of the human psyche where the effect of the echoes you hear in this torturous maze shall creep into your reality and persist for days.

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