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The Unreal Journey of Mongol

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The Unreal Journey of Mongol is a game combine action, decryption and puzzle. The character is a little fire balloon named Mongol who has a strong curiosity and begins the journey with dream.

The game consists 6 scenes, each one has different puzzles to solve. When you complete one then the next will be unlocked.

【 6 scenes 】

〖 Green Grassland 〗
The windmills is blowing. Mongol can move towards the same direction of the wind. But be careful with the wrong path and the red conifers.

〖 Purple Forest 〗
In this psychedelic forest, Mongol will get lost when it walks into the hollow tree.

〖 Blue Island 〗
The Piranhas and octopus are dangerous, Mongol had better fly over them and avoid falling into the sea.

〖 Yellow Desert 〗
Mongol will burst in the hot sunshine. So Mongol can only move at night and need be careful with bulbous cactus.

〖 Black Ruins 〗
It’s dark and full of puzzles, please help Mongol find its way home.

〖 White Glacier 〗
There are some arrows appear on the floor. Mongol will slide towards the same direction if it steps on it.


Enjoy the wonderful world with Mongol, let’s start traveling.

Hope you like it, thanks.

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The Unreal Journey of Mongol

The game is Cartoon low-poly scenes. Each scene has its own characteristics, including different match colors and various object models.Six vivid scenes respectively corresponded to six different gameplay. There are actions, decryption and puzzles, to pass the level. Green prairie, Purple forest, Blue island, Blue island, Yellow desert, Black ruins, White glacier. I hope you like the game, thank you.

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