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The Voice in the Void

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The Voice in the Void is a bizarre, hilarious RPG with timing-based combat. Travel to the surreal Land of the Dead, where unusual characters and fiendish monsters await at every turn! You’ll unleash an arsenal of attacks, use an abundance of unusual items, solve mysterious puzzles, go up against armies of restless spirits, and even challenge the Grim Reaper himself!

-Battle over 55 fully animated, unique enemies in fast-paced combat that will test your reflexes.

-Interact with a multitude of weird and funny characters across various exciting locations.

-Explore the colorful worlds of the land of the dead, full of wonderful treasures and fearsome foes.

-Fight in heart-pounding boss battles with the strongest inhabitants of the land of the dead.

-Enjoy colorful graphics and catchy 8-bit music along the way.

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The Voice in the Void

Travel to the mysterious Land of the Dead and encounter a variety of crazy characters and terrifying monsters in this hilariously bizarre comedy RPG with an engaging timing-based combat system.

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