Imgagine yourself born within a "Wall".
Will you stay obedient to the rule
and protected by the "Wall"?
Or will you
once in a while
want to break through the "Wall"?

A rather simple action game, with some stealth-game elements.

Key features:
Break the Wall that represents rules;
Disguising yourself as an innocent citizen when in the queue, to avoid being spotted by "Sentinels".
Get the key from "Sentinels", disclose the locked information source and wake those who follow the rules blindly;
Due to my own interpretation of the theme, any use of "gun and violence" during the game will be punished;
The total game time will be around only 30-60 mins, so if you could not accept that, please think twice before purchase.

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Hello, players outside the mainland China.
The idea of this game came from the Internet Network Censorship in China, of which bears the sarcastic name of "Wall". This name eventually became the the title of our game. This "Wall" troubles me a lot in my daily work and life, making it extremely difficult for me to visit website like Google, so I made this game to express my anger.

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