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The Warrior Of Treasures

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Indie medieval game, where player character is medieval knight. Player have to defeat skeleton army and beware different traps like fire, lava pulses, lasers,
cold water etc.


Game contains 6 different worlds where is hidden golden treasure, which player have to find. Only weapon is sword. Skeleton army has also sword and other weapons.
After player reaches treasure, level is completed and player can choose any of six levels. Player has health system, but game not contain health pick-ups. When health goes zero player will be dead. Also Beware different traps, because one hit to trap like fire will kill player immediately. Also falling with high will kill player


– 6 different levels
– Sword weapon
– Lot of different traps
– Skeleton enemies

Planned updates

– New levels in upcoming months
– Possible somekind inventory system

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The Warrior Of Treasures

Be the only knight, defeat skeleton army and find treasure

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