The Garden of Lost Dreams, 1600 CE

Here you are Ananta, you made it. Or at least you made it this far.

You’ve suffered the hardships of the southern Himalaya for 68 years and now you wish you could accept death, but only if it’s final. Your defiance of reincarnation has landed you in this god’s forsaken valley; a foggy and lush country completely deserted by a once thriving civilization.

A demigod waits at the clifftop ahead. He will promise his help only if you’ll return the favor.


  • A Mysterious World: Explore a vast and beautiful wilderness blanketed in fog as you journey from clear vistas to distant landmarks. Sometimes a hike in the woods is all the game you need, but if it’s not…
  • Find Your Own Way: While lost in the fog you’ll find tribute and make offerings at hidden shrines to unlock unique and powerful abilities.
  • Strange Wildlife: Encounter wild, mythical, and sometimes dangerous creatures. With no means to attack them you may have to tread mindfully on your journey.
  • A Tangled Narrative: An old woman haunted by her past and future has no desire to be reborn, but what haunts her, and can she really escape? Unravel the truth through conversations with an outcast demigod.

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The Wild Eternal

The Wild Eternal is a first-person exploration game about an old woman trying to escape the cycle of rebirth, whose only hope for liberation is an outcast and unraveling demigod.

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