Update Notes

Introducing the Beta Buggy

Compatible with multiplayer, and fun to drive! It’s early in it’s Development so it’s a little rough!

  • New Vehicle
  • New Muzzle flash
  • New shot effect
  • Building Saving 100% complete
  • Can now place a light by pressing 1
  • Can now show fps with "N"
  • Buggies now included in Death Mode

About the Game

Can you survive? Most likely not, but you and a friend maybe could!

They Are Hundreds, actually hundreds. Good luck you’ll need it.

Features Of they Are Hundreds

They Are Hundreds Features Things Such As,

  • Multiplayer with as many friends you’d like, by using the host, and join menus. (Warning, this is super early in development!)
  • Building great walls, or maybe just building to survive. The choice is yours!
  • Different enemy types, currently only two but we plan to add much more!
  • Wave system, when you’re good enough to reach a high kill count, we’ll go ahead and spice it up for ya!
  • Turrets, Don’t do all the work yourself, just build a turret!
  • In game shop, when you get kills they’re not for nothing, you can buy more turrets, food, and health with it!
  • New map every-other week, we want to keep things fresh so you can expect a new map every now and then!
  • Food system, in the dead zone the area zombies spawn you can find food, but it’s not a safe journey.

Regular Update Schedule

I am a solo developer I love what I do, so you will see a constant flow of updates improving the game.

Dedicated to my craft

I am very dedicated to They Are Hundreds, I’ve missed sleep, spent countless hours and will continue to do so.

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They Are Hundreds

They Are hundreds is a sandbox first-person survival. Build great walls, fight great hordes of varying types, or just have a goof with friends in multiplayer.

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