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This Is Not A Jumping Game

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This Is

  • -Not- A Jumping Game.
  • -Not- Funny at all.
  • -Not- Challenging at all.
  • -Not- Every level is unique.


  • This is a basically 2D platform game but full of funny and hardcore gaming experience.
  • Every level has a unique way to complete the task "instructed" by the title, so the game is not "just" a platform game. It’s More like a Puzzle Game.
  • Action, Puzzles, Funny Incidents. So many funny levels waiting for Husky to conquer (the bones !)
  • There is only keyboard_arrows and mouse control, now help Husky figure out how to get his favorite bones !

Seriously, Please do -not- laugh too loudly.

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This Is Not A Jumping Game

This is a 2D platform game but not just a "jumping" game. Action, Puzzles, funny incidents. This is a game that brings you a lot of fun.

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