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Throne of Lies® The Online Game of Deceit

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March 31st for Kickstarter supporters and those that registered before 9/7/2016.
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About the Game

Throne of Lies is a 3D online, multiplayer game of mischief and betrayal, a "social deduction" game inspired by medieval politics, tabletop, and Werewolf/Mafia (1986).

In a match of 16 players, each player is assigned a class and a faction — no one knows who is who, but do know that there are traitors that want to kill you.

Your objective is simple: Discover your allies, dispose of the rest.

Experience more than 100 abilities, 35+ classes, 4 factions, and day/night phases in a game where wit is more important than abilities. During the Night phase, the bad guys must conspire murder while the good guys must investigate clues to discover the traitors. During the Day phase, the good players will accuse the guilty of treason and execute them upon a guilty vote, while the bad guys will manipulate information to turn it against the good guys!

Who shall you believe? Your life will depend on it.

Additional Key Features:

  • Social manipulation abilities – Funnel chat to the dead, silence players, twist words.
  • Recruiting and converting system – Force a faction change, the class changing a "darker persona" with different abilities.
  • King and royal system – The king is known, but his faction is not. Upon his death, step up to ascend the throne.
  • Customized armor, weapons, and even auras – Executions abilities are tied to your equipped weapon.

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Throne of Lies® The Online Game of Deceit

The 3D online-multiplayer "social deduction" game of mischief & betrayal, inspired by medieval politics, tabletop & werewolf/mafia for PC. Discover your allies, dispose of the rest.

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