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Throne of the Dead

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Face the almighty wrath of the endless hordes from the mercy of your toilet seat in THRONE OF THE DEAD. Play through a multitude of potty based arenas, from the Wild West to the frozen wastes of the North Pole! Running out of toilet paper is the least of your problems now!


– Bathroom
Defend your Throne from the invading hordes and don’t let that Duck ruin your luck!

– Farmhouse
Defend yourself from all sides as the merciless brain-hungry farmers close in on you!

– Construction
Build yourself a brighter potty-filled future as you face the ever-determined hordes!

– Ol’ West
Arm yourself with a set of trusty revolvers and defend your out-house from the un-dead cowboy masses!

– Polar Poop
Venture to the North Pole and defend your frozen rear from the relentless cold-hearted SNOWMEN![/list]

With 11 un-lockable weapon skins and potty-brained set of Achievements, and 15 in-game stars to shoot your way to, you won’t need any reading material for this one!

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Throne of the Dead

You've been caught with your pants down... Literally!

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