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Through The Dark: Prologue

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Through The Dark: Prologue is the first chapter in our VR action adventure.

This is The Labyrinth, a maximum security prison built in an unknown location. Her cells are host to lost souls who have been incarcerated here for centuries, unable to escape even in death. The only respite they have is Liberation Day, an ironic celebration for every 100 years. The Warden will release the gates to The Labyrinth and the convicts may attempt to escape. Only one will be allowed to taste freedom.

You are convict 6W02 and today is Liberation Day.

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Through The Dark: Prologue

A sci-fi shooter game in VR. The player is incarcerated in a maximum security prison called the Labyrinth. Every 100 years Liberation Day occurs, where the Labyrinth’s gates will open and her convicts are free to escape...but only one of them can succeed.

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