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Time Killers: CatchOut

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CatchOut is a ball paddle puzzle game based on a old classic.

The twist is that you don’t control the paddle, but you push and pull
bruks around trying to lead the balls towards them.

CatchOut uses Chunky Pixels graphics, inspirated by Fairchild F
game console. One of the very first game console, that came to the market.

This is a little "Time Killers" game, that means you often would play this
kind of games in small session. This is why the game is played in
windowered mode, but full screen is of course possible.

This game contains about 40 levels and can been played with either a
gamepad controller or a mouse.

This game uses a 5 color palette, you can change them whatever you like,
if you dont like the default palette. One of the palette include the original
game console one.

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Time Killers: CatchOut

CatchOut is a simple “Ball & Paddle” game, but without the paddle.
Instead you move the bricks to catch the ball.

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