Waking up in a strange room within an ethereal dollhouse, a young girl must travel with her rabbit companion to escape the confines of the rat and "Tinker" infested halls. By exploring each floor, they will be tasked with puzzles and strange etchings, hostile and amiable sentient toys, and vicious creatures… All the while being stalked by the being known as "Stayawhile", aiming to trap not only the duo, but everything existing in his world.


DISCLAIMER: This game is in Early Access and will receive many updates and improvements based on prior planning and user review. Players should expect possible additions as well as various technical and artistic changes as the RPG is developed.

Special thanks to musicians Julia Harkin and Antriksh Bali for providing custom compositions!



Press f4 to enter WINDOWED MODE. RPG Maker 2003 games appear blurry in fullscreen on newer computers. This should keep the game playable and clear.

-Steam Cloud feature is currently not implemented due to possible Event and string changes. Therefore, it is encouraged to go to the TinkerQuarry file on your computer to backup saves to a separate folder on your desktop if you would like to test each update’s new features with prior progress. Simply drag your save back into where it was once the update has concluded.

-Upcoming major updates will be warned before launch.

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TinkerQuarry is a surreal RPG about a girl trapped in an uncanny plane of existence called “The Dollhouse”.

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