Tiny Force is a game where you fight to save the world from the forces of evil. Play as different characters, such as robots, ninjas, Vikings, and zombies in thrilling and fun battles. Easy to play, hard to master.

NEW MULTIPLAYER MODE: play online against your friends and unlock special characters

Create your own Tiny Force team and fight in different types of arenas. Upgrade your characters with magic crystals to make them stronger, faster, and more resistant.

– Build the best team to defeat your opponents and level up;
– Five different worlds to explore and end the game;
– Thirty unlockable characters;
– The more you play, the more characters and new skills you unlock, such as Counter, Slice, among others;
– Destroy crystals and acquire jewels so your characters can evolve;
– Excellent character and scenario artwork;
– Several items to improve your gaming experience;
– Bonus stage to get Energies, Ultras, Lives, and much more.
– Amazing boss battles;
– When you finish a challenge, you will get your Rewards.

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Tiny Force Deluxe

Tiny Force Deluxe, multiple characters battle the forces of evil in several arenas.

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