Torn Familjen tells the story of Cathrin, a student of magic whose abundant generosity ends up getting her in big trouble…

She must set off on a journey that ends up taking her to all sorts of places, in order to find some way to atone for her mistake. Along the way, she will make new friends, and new enemies, too. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of fighting skill amongst the group she ends up assembling.

((Please note that while flashing lights have been kept to a minimum, some mild screen flashes were simply impossible to remove. Players with photosensitive epilepsy or similar conditions should exercise caution, and are recommended to keep the game screen at its default small size, just to be safe.))


  • Easy-to-learn Difficult-to-master turn-based strategy combat system.
  • Five difficulties, ranging from a newcomer-friendly Easy, to Hard for RPG fans, to Insane for ravenous strategic challenge seekers!
  • Minimal necessary grinding.
  • Tough optional bosses.
  • Choose how to play, using attack- or defence-oriented equipment for each character, and attach Runes that grant specific benefits!
  • Charming characters and engaging story.
  • Inspired by masterpieces such as Xenoblade Chronicles, and Tales.

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Torn Familjen

A stylised JRPG-style game, in which you guide Cathrin, a budding mage, through a range of environments, taking on big bosses and uncovering the secrets of the magical world of Taika.

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