Note: The game can be played completely with controller. You only need mouse & keyboard to set the game settings in the game launcher!

Tower Miners is a local multiplayer game. It is a genre mix of strategy, tower defense and some random party game elements.
The Goal is to destroy your enemys base.
To do so you will have to:

::Mine Minerals::
but take care, you will slow down by the amount of minerals you carry

::Pick Up Gold Minerals::
you will instantly pick up the full amount of them without a need to mine them

::Pick Up Some Goodies::
randomized items, some can be activated & some get activated instantly

::Build Counter Units::
they will follow a straight path to your enemys base

::Upgrade Your Hero Or Base::
walk Faster, Mine Faster, Build Faster

Also I am very looking forward to your guys ideas round about that game. It would be very nice to read some of your ideas in the Community Forum to improve the game by time.

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Tower Miners

Tower Miners is a local multiplayer game. Mixed out of strategy, tower defense and random party game genre.
The goal is to beat your enemy by destroying his base. Also additional game modes are on the way

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