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Town doubt 小镇疑云

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This game is the production of other games required funds produced by a suspense word game.
This game background in a small town, what happened in the town where the need for players to understand.
The game is in accordance with the number of days a day to go on, players need to find clues to follow-up plot.
This game is a text suspense game, the protagonist in a small town (Tianmin town) need to step by step to explore the story of the game, one by one and game characters dialogue that different information.
When you get a few or a clue before the follow-up to explore the story.
When the players know more and more clues in order to calculate the truth behind the things behind.

The game is played in the town looking for npc to understand the clues, open follow-up clues, the use of clues to find key figures, the final truth.

The game is very rough, if not suited to refundable.
This game is for other game funds produced, so there will be rough place, hope to get support it!

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Town doubt 小镇疑云

Tianmin town because of what has changed, Tianmin town villagers one after another death behind what hidden secret.
The protagonist because the country's reform into the town of Heaven, what will happen?

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