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Toys Gun Fire Boom

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Welcome to Toys Gun Fire Boom, a multiplayer action game for each self or cooperation.
Equipped with bombs and heavy weapons, including a massive weapon to rebuild the world.
The goal is to stay as long as possible in the ring and to get out his opponents.

• Frags to Gun Toys: from the flamethrower to the rocket launcher through the lasers and heavy assault weapons.
• Mythical characters: from Candyman to Joker, with the addition of Private Grenadier.
• A 4-player game in cooperation with machines equipped with a specialty.

The story of Toys Gun Fire Boom takes place when televisions from around the world
Began to create reality TV games in the form of tournaments to elect the ultimate weapon.

Ready to take on the challenge! Surviving in the arena is a privilege reserved for the best.
Thanks to the gravity weapon, you can rebuild the world as it was when it was created.

We are pleased to celebrate with you the arrival of Toys Gun Fire Boom, an incredible action game.
Our team Poo and Play gives its maximum to offer you a unique experience and to share with friends.
Thank you for your support which means a lot to us.

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Toys Gun Fire Boom

A small action game 4 players, each for yourself or in cooperation, in a destructible decor.

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