Going for the biggest and fastest VR experience available. Jump, shoot, and use a grappling hook at high speed to race against time and collect boss shards to complete the level. Timing and good use of the double jump are key in making the bosses appear across the different worlds.

Demo now available!

Play it and give me feedback so you can help shape the final product. If you jump over to the community hub you can see what is planned for the final game, and you can make suggestions of what you would like to see added in the final release.

This game is fast and uses free locomotion. If you get motion sickness maybe drink some ginger ale or something, I heard an old lady say it works.

Key features:

– Boat throttle locomotion

– Extreme speeds

– Double jumps

– Grappling hook mechanics

– Multiple levels with unique bosses

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Going for the biggest and fastest VR experience available. Make massive jumps to collect checkpoints and race against time as you dodge and shoot drones.

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