Its the year 2034.

On earth there is complete anarchy,
terrorism groups are growing with the day.

The terrorist group E.T.O (Extremism Terorist Organisation)
is currently the biggest and most dangerous group of them all.
They are committed to killing, raping, plundering,
and making it impossible for the living environment to walk safely through the streets.

The ATS have been fighting for years to protect society from this terrorism
but the Terrorist groups are growing faster and faster with people who desperately join the terrorist groups
because they have no confidence in the governments anymore.

The ATS are losing the war fast so it is time to release the troopers to save us from these terrorists.
The special Forces ATS has developed a cyborg project to counter terrorism but the project is still under development
They have to hurry up because the terrorist group are fighting hard and the special forces ATS is losing the war.

If you have trouble running the game try to set shadow to LOW in options press 1


A = Left
S = Crouch
D = Right
F = Action Button
Shift = Sprint or Jump over
Q & E = Weapon select
Tab = Melee Kick or Left Right Focus
1 = Game-Menu

Mouse Controls

Left Mouse = Shoot
Right mouse = First Person Shooting
Scroll Button = Stealth Kill

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Trooper 1

Trooper 1

Is a 3d Sidescroller
You are a cyborg and you must stop the invasion of terrorists.

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