Troubleshooter is a turn-based RPG with the story of Albus and the events happening around him. The story begins with Albus becoming an official Troubleshooter who then returns to his hometown to begin his journey as he meets new friends and colleagues on the way.

The story of Albus will be updated with at least 1 scenario stage every week.

You will experience different events and meet different people and make it through the missions by playing as Albus and controlling his colleagues.

The characters appearing in the missions will have different decisions to make, and this will affect the relationships of the characters within the game to provide a slightly different story depending on the decisions.

The current version contains 6 scenario stages.

There are colleagues who accompanies Albus through the game. You will be able to meet different characters as you play his story. You might meet them during missions and become friends or you can recruit them to make them an official member of the company.

Users may recruit different characters and choose different combinations for each mission to suit their style of play.

The current version allows you to recruit Sion as your first colleague.

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Troubleshooter is an SRPG game based on the virtual free-trade city Valhalla. You will play as Albus to solve the criminal activities occuring in Valhalla together with your colleagues. The strategy and RPG character development based on the traditional turn-based system will bring you a whole new gaming experience.

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